Family Law

Turkel Forman LLP takes pride in making the law work for all families and concentrates on family law for lesbians, gay men, transgender people and both unmarried and married couples. We can counsel and represent you in the following areas:

Adoption and Parenting Issues – adoptions (including second parent or step-parent adoptions, joint adoptions and re-adoptions), donor and parenting agreements.

Marriage – We can advise about what it means, legally, to be married and can draft prenuptial or postnuptial agreements for those who choose to marry.

Partnership Issues – domestic partnership and living together agreements.

Dissolution Agreements – when relationships don’t work out, these agreements can help ease the transition out of the relationship and resolve issues relating to jointly owned property. When an agreement cannot be reached, we will represent you in litigation in the state courts or in arbitration. We can also assist you if you choose to participate in mediation, arbitration, or collaborative law in order to resolve your differences.

Divorces – We actively monitor the area of divorce between married same-sex couples, and work closely with highly skilled matrimonial attorneys and can make referrals when necessary.

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