Family Law

Turkel Forman LLP takes pride in making the law work for all families and we work with single people, unmarried and married couples. We are proud to have been pioneers in working with the LGBT community and continue that work to the present.  We can counsel and represent you in the following areas:

Adoption and Parenting Issues

Adoptions (including second parent adoptions, step-parent adoptions, adoptions from foster care, joint adoptions and re-adoptions), and donor and parenting agreements. Adoptions provide certainty to the relationship between a parent and child, ensuring that the adoptive parent has all of the rights of a legally recognized parent. This is especially important for families that may be travelling or relocating out of New York.


We can advise about the consequences of marriage, helping our clients to understand all of the many ways that marriage has legal and financial consequences in their lives.  More…

Prenuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

When people choose to marry, there is the intent that the wedding will be followed by a lifetime of happiness, but it is important to recognize that there is the possibility that the marriage could end in divorce or separation. Resolving the financial consequences and other issues of divorce beforehand can lend stability and certainty to the parties, and may well promote a healthy relationship. We can draft prenuptial agreements for those about to marry, or post-nuptial agreements for those who have already married.

Partnership Issues

Owning and operating property—whether it’s a home or an investment—with your spouse, domestic partner, friend, or family member can be complicated, particularly if there are unspoken differences in how the parties think about the property, or if circumstances change for the parties. We work with clients and help them explore and think about all aspects of property ownership, and to express their hopes and dreams for the property into a legal framework that will help protect and promote those hopes and dreams into the future. Such agreements help resolve such things as payments for upkeep and maintaining the property and responsibilities for loans, utilities, or capital improvements. They can also help to set a framework for selling the property when the time comes, and can ensure that each party receives their equitable share of the proceeds.

Dissolution Agreements

When relationships don’t work out, these agreements can help ease the transition out of the relationship and resolve issues relating to jointly owned property. When an agreement cannot be reached, we will refer you to competent legal counsel to represent you in litigation if that becomes necessary.  We can also assist you if you choose to participate in mediation or arbitration  in order to resolve your differences.


We work closely with highly skilled matrimonial attorneys and can make referrals to excellent divorce attorneys or to divorce mediators.


Judith has been trained as a mediator and can mediate many kinds of agreements including a pre or postnuptial agreement, a domestic partnership agreement, joint ownership agreement, cohabitation agreement and other family agreements. She can also act as a “review attorney” to review a mediated agreement on behalf of one party.